Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dad's annual dinner~

it was my dad's annual dinner last sunday~ it was not bad at all~

i had a great time playing with lil kids (haha) and being a camera gurl
2nd bro had a fabulous time with his frens (drinking =.=)
eldest bro had a good time accompanying his girlfriend
mum enjoyed walking around talking to people

and last but not least

my dad had a SUPERB time cheers-ing around with everyone! =P i picked a few cute photos from the annual dinner~

mum and dad~ =D

dad and his cute bunch of frens~

mum and her special hair for the night~

eldest bro and his sweetheart, Bee Gaik~

2nd elder bro with his frens~

Bee Gaik & i~

dad's staffs~ the one who's looking into the camera, Ms.Lim looks super cute here! =D

hehe~ baby Terrence with Bee Gaik and bro~ they're trying to make baby Terrence smile to the camera

still trying to make him smile to the camera~ =P

another baby gurl~~ =D cute, eh?

hohoho~ now both babies shall meet~ =D match-making?

wow~~ baby girl grabbing baby boy~ =P

akhemz~! are they... like... looking into each other's eyes?? =P

ah wells~ that night my 2nd bro got SUPER drunk till he cant even walk! ended up people around help to carry the heavy him into the car... kept puking and i have to clean up all his mess! =.= gurls, DON'T EVER GET DRUNK! seriously! as for guys... sighs... no comments... hehe~ that's all about the annual dinner~ =)

as for my visa to Aus and everything else are done, except for accomodation and still packing~ =P it'z less than 2 weeks now! >.<>

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

memories from yesterday~

had a great time with family last night! =D

at the same time, i just got to know a girl who's going over to Melbourne (about 15 minutes frm my campus?) to study as well~ she's Shirmin and she seems like a very nice girl... got to know her through my dad's customer, who turns out to be his dad! =D well well~ at least i know who to go to if i ever needed a friend there! =D

and yeah... yesterday's wonderful moments with family was very very precious~ ehhe... it had been quite some time since we last laughed so hard and craped together~ =P ah wellss... words can't express much of it, i'll let the photos do the talking! =D

mum & dad (decent photo) =P

mum and i camwhoring at home~ =P

there are more to it, of cuz! so, i got tired but my mum is still in the mood! so....

and here comes my bro, wanting to join in~

and obviously, there are more! =P that's not it, my dad joined in, too, when he got back from work~! =P here are the interesting photos of my "pregnant" dad! =D

hahahhahahhhaa~~ he did all that on purpose! =P hehehe... basically i love my family very much!! can't wait for Kel, my eldest bro to be back and we shall have a full family photo~! =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a lil about you from me? =P

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Friday, January 11, 2008

an enjoyable day~

yesterday was great~! a day which i really enjoyed myself after quite some time~ =P

well... in the morning, i managed to get 4000 cny cards ready to be sent out to dad's customers~! it is an acheivement! =P ahha... still got about 3000 cards left, tho~

then in the afternoon, went out with LimLi and Cynthia and met up with Darryl (the driver), Shawn The (Teh), and Amardeep (leader pig)~! watched Game Plan togerher... it is a really nice movie~! it makes u laugh ur heads of at one moment and cry the next moment! hehe... i was caught on act for crying by Shawn The (Teh) and got teased for the rest of the time after that =.= after that my bro came, dine-d together and got back to mainland~

had a great time with my crappy bro, Jeff as well~! we went to visit my uncle's house after that... my little baby cousin, Terrence, brighten up my day even more!! =D

basically, the sum of them all made my day a great one! =D

here are a few pics from yesterday~

my 2nd elder bro, Jeff, the King of Crapper~

Timothy Gan, Cynthia, Lim Li~

uh... i do not know who's the one in blue >.<.. then beside him is Darryl, Cynthia, LimLi, me, Shawn, Amardeep~

little Terrence and i~

little Terrence and i again~

alright! i shall end my post here~ =) have a nice day~!

p.s., a very good and simple treatment for sorethroat (really works and makes ur throat very soothing and nice) is a teaspoon on salt in 8oz (a mug) of warm water.. gargle them all and repeat is as often as possible, like every hour? but it is sufficient enuf if u jz repeat it when u're free~ =) take care~

Monday, January 7, 2008

E-Thing the murderer~

I'VE MANAGED TO KILL AH SENG!!!! not only that, i've even murdered a friend of Ah Seng's~! =P

hehehe.... as the result, i got a sweeeeeet sleep for the day! =D

got my full offer from Monash Clayton today.. so, today or tomorrow, i'll get myself busy getting my stuffs ready to go over to Aus (Visa etc).. i'll have to be in Clayton on the 14th of Feb, the latest, for registration.. and orientation from 18th till 22nd of Feb.. class begins on the 25th~ well, all i am hoping for is to see my family and close friends before leaving to Aussie.. >.<>.<

say... a friend of mine (Philip) asked me for my new year resolution and i just realised i never really thought of it yet... i shall have a list of new year resolution now~

The List (sounds like adapted from the novel, p.s., i love you) =P
1. have all my family and close friends send me off to Aus (selfish sia! =P)
2. get myself comfortable with the new environment in Aus and explore the land (or the area around me ler)
3. make lotz of new friends and mix with the right people
4. study hard and study smart while being able to control my stress level =P
5. get a part-time job, perhaps, if i have free time~ part-time job as a librarian would be perfect!
6. keep in touch with family members and friends
7. continue to blog! =P

i guess the list is this much for now~ hehe

i shall end my post with a cute conversation between my dad, my mum, and i~
2145, 7th Jan 2008, on the telephone with dad~

---------------------------begining of conversation----------------------------
Dad: ask mum and see if it’s okay if I cut my hair now
Me: huh? Why so late?
Dad: they (the barbers) seems very free now and my hair is long already
Me: okay... hold on~ mum! dad asks if it’s okay if he wanna cut his hair now?
Mum: I dunno him lar
Me: she said she dunno you wor
Dad: ask her again and see?
Me: he asks again if he can cut his hair now
Mum: ask him to come back ade ler.. miss him already...
Me: mummy ask you to come back ade.. She misses you ade..
Dad: hahahaha… okaylar okaylar~

hehe... cute, eh? =P alright.. i should stop now~ take care, people! =)

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

rich with KISSES and LOVE~

another morning greeted by the irritating MOSQUITO!!!!!!!!! gosh~!!! kissed me to wake, AGAIN~!!!

i got soooooo irritated for not getting a good sleep, went to parents' room to complain to them... my parents laughed and my mum claimed that she sent "him" (tho i know it's a she but he sounds nicer, somehow =P ) to wake me up since she always have trouble waking me up during holidays~ my mum even named "him" Ah Seng!! lolz... i am soooooooo gonna get Ah Seng by today! hehhe... E-Thing is gonna murder Ah Seng by today! =P

hmmz... my life here is super boooooring! all i did to kill my time is help my dad out in his shop =.= sienz~ it'z gonna stay this way till Feb! >.<

lil baby and his dad, and my mum took her... uhh... the thing they like to suck on? =P

lil baby and her dad~

my mum and lil baby laughing~! =D

another picture of my mum and the lil one~ =)

i think there's something wrong with blogger, again.. there are a few things i couldn't manage to include into this post and a few missing thigs i wrote but can't put it into this post =.=

anyways, i wrote a lot of things before posting up the pics but all gone... so, yea... i can only write it again here... so, those are the pics of another cute lil baby gurl i met~ =) she's pretty, isn't she? =) and those pics are meant for the ending of this post, but blogger didnt allow me to do dat for some reason =.=

well... i've choosed Monash (Clayton campus) to go to, by the way... and the thought of going over there all alone worries me, honestly... i mean, me, alone, being in a place totally unknown to me and with nobody that i really know? not knowing who to trust and who not to... total strangers around me etc.. ah wells... no matter what i know i still have to do this~ >.< hopefully i wont change to the worse without me realising it~

i'll stop here for now~ =)

p.s., i would really appreciate it for readers to give some response (like leaving a comment of something?)~ thank you! =P

p.p.s., for those who started schooling / colleging / universiting, best of luck for the new year~! work hard and work smart! =)

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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Happy 2008~! may you have a good year ahead~! =D

sorry for not blogging in such a long time because i do not have anything interesting to blog about, so.... yea~ =P sorry~

well.. i was greeted with 3 superb kisses this morning to wake (from my sleep, of cuz)~!!! sadly, and unfortunately, those kisses are from a donkey-ish mosquito~!!!! =.= that "nice" lil one is smart enough to "kiss" me ON MY FACE, my arm, and my hand~!! what a good way to start a day... hehe... ah wells... i am hoping for more surprises later in the day!

right! my dad got me a gold credit card~! *grinz* but i have not use it yet, maybe later i might make use of it~ ehhe... i wonder how will d person receive d card from me reacts~ *grinz* =P

my dad bought me a sunglasses as well, pretty unexpectedly... luv it very much, tho =)
here's a picture of me in my new haircut and me new shades! =D

and the following are a few photos which carve a curve on my lips~ =)

mind you but they totally did not pose to take those photos~ hehe... i just find them cute and snap down those moments of memories~ =) well~ that's all for now~ will continue to blog~ =P

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